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For more than twenty years, Recovery Alternatives has professionally facilitated successful interventions throughout the United States and Canada. We have been honored to work with families, friends, colleagues and employers of individuals struggling with the ravages of alcoholism, addiction to drugs of all types, or abuse/dependency to prescription medications. Based upon our knowledge of treatment resources throughout the United States, we make treatment recommendations which are clinically appropriate as well as financially realistic. Our experienced interventionists will assist in the entire process of planning the intervention, preparing the team, and facilitating the intervention and accompanying the individual to the selected treatment program.

Our team consists entirely of state licensed professionals with specific training and experience facilitating interventions and getting individuals into treatment programs. If you are concerned about someone you care about and would like to discuss a possible intervention, please give us a call today. Your call will be held in the strictest of confidence. To talk with an intervention professional now call: 1-800-805-0499.


Meet C.C. “Sonny” McCutcheon, LCDC, LAC

Sonny McCutcheon, founder of Recovery Alternatives, has extensive experience working with families, friends and colleagues to help facilitate the changes necessary to break the downward spiraling cycle of addiction or alcoholism. Applying a structured team approach to the intervention process, Sonny has worked successfully to guide those who care about the individual through the entire intervention process. Sonny has close working relationships with addiction and alcoholism treatment programs and an extensive network of alcoholism and addiction professionals across the country.

- Nationally Known Speaker, Panelist, Trainer and Presenter on Intervention
- Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor - State of Texas (LCDC #9159)
- Licensed Addictions Counselor - State of Louisiana (LAC #315)
- 25+ years Professional Experience in Addiction/Alcoholism Treatment
- Provider of Continuing Education in Intervention, Addiction/Alcoholism Treatment
- B.B.A. Texas Christian University – Fort Worth, Texas
- Alcoholism/Addiction Education & Professional Training – Southern University, New Orleans, Louisiana
- Member NAADAC - National Association of Addiction Professionals
- Member TAAP – Texas Association of Addiction Professionals
- US Department of Transportation Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)


Meet John Patton, LCSW

John is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and interventionist. He earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees at Austin College in 2002. One of his degrees was in Psychology and the other in Business Administration. In 2006, John received his Masters in the Science of Social Work with an emphasis on direct clinical practice from the University of Texas at Arlington. His studies were focused on all aspects of mental and behavioral health. The majority of his experience is in the field of substance abuse and addiction.

John has worked with people of all ages and specializes in working with teenagers and young adults. John combines his education with professional and life experience to create an environment where positive change can occur. John first stepped into the field in the spring of 2002, while interning for a psychotherapist in Dallas. Since then, John has done his best to equip himself to be the most effective counselor and interventionist as possible.

One of the biggest myths about addiction and the addicts themselves is that you can’t help an addict until they are ready. This is an extremely scary statement if you really think about it. What that statement really says is that we are going to stand by and watch our family member or loved one be beat up by their addiction until they have nothing left and are finally ready for change. Unfortunately, many individuals abusing drugs and alcohol will die, become incarcerated, or lose their families before they are “ready”. Why should we wait for that to happen? The answer is, we shouldn’t!

A structured family intervention is the most effective way to get someone the help they need and John is the perfect facilitator for this process. John views interventions as a spiritual experience and he loves nothing more than helping a family get their loved one the help they need. John has a strong testimony concerning his own past struggles with drugs and alcohol, and he is not afraid to share his story with families, in order to help them realize that there is always hope!

If you are struggling to understand your son or daughter’s behavior, if their behavior has become unmanageable or if you are worried that they may be using drugs or alcohol, then now is the time to act. Interventions are often necessary not only with addicts, but also with people refusing to take their medications for mental health related issues. John consults with many well respected professionals in the field before deciding proper placement for each of his clients, in order to ensure that your loved one gets the best possible care.

An intervention is really about love. John has the ability to relate to teenagers and young adults and he creates an experience where they feel the love that their family has for them while helping them understand that treatment is the only option. John’s help is available as soon as you’re ready. Why wait another day?


Meet Kayla Longino, LPC

Kayla is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Interventionist. Kayla received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of North Texas in Rehabilitation Studies with a minor in Sociology. She continued her education and obtained her Master's Degree in Counseling, with a focus on addiction studies.

Kayla has called North Texas home for most of her life. She is a proud and devoted wife and mother to 3 great kids. For years Kayla worked diligently to help families and professionals find treatment as an Intake and Admissions Counselor at a residential treatment facility for addictions in North Texas. She worked closely with the treatment team at a dual diagnosis program that focuses on substance abuse, alcoholism, eating disorders, and other behavioral addictions. Kayla has worked with hundreds of families learning and teaching how to steer loved ones into treatment. She understands how overwhelming and confusing the admission process can be and strives to eliminate that stress throughout the intervention.

Kayla's experience has led her to an in-depth knowledge about the numerous treatment centers and addiction professionals working throughout the United States. She understands how important a quality treatment center is to the recovery process. She will be able to provide referrals that will best meet an individual’s clinical, medical, and financial need, as well as collaborate with colleagues to find appropriate care.

Kayla understands first-hand how painful and terrifying it is to have a loved one struggle with addiction and mental health issues. It can be a very helpless feeling, yet with appropriate action there is hope for the individual and the family. The goal is to realign the family dynamic, taking the power away from the addicted individual and giving it back to the family. It is about moving the family out of crisis and making help available. She works very closely with the team of people involved in the intervention to provide education, support, and guidance throughout the entire process. Addiction is a family disease, and Kayla believes the intervention process is as much about the family as it is the addicted individual. When the family recognizes there is a problem, the conspiracy of silence is broken and they are no longer held hostage by the addiction.

Kayla will be there every step of the way until the person finds the care they need. Recovery is possible; please call Kayla today if you have a loved one that needs help.

Meet David Baldwin, M.ED., LCDC

Many who have found their calling in the field of addiction bring a personal history of a life effected by substance abuse. Although it is not a requirement in order to work in the addiction field, there is a unique perspective that comes from personally seeing and experiencing the effects of substance abuse on the family. David brings his experience and passion for recovery to his work. Helping the addict/alcoholic find his way into recovery is not the only goal of the intervention, but it is also the personal motivation that drives David in his work.

David has successfully completed advanced professional intervention training by Debra and Jeff Jay at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA, where he received certification as a "Love First Interventionist". David holds the following state licenses, degrees, and professional associations:

- Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor - State of Texas (#11315)
- Master's of Education/Counseling, 2009, Sul Ross University. Alpine, TX
- B.A. Psychology/Sociology, Northwestern Oklahoma State University - 1984
- B.S. Personnel Management, 
Southwestern Oklahoma State University - 1985
- Member NAADAC - National Association of Addiction Professionals
- Member TAAP - Texas Association of Addiction Professionals
- Former clinician - BCA - Behavioral Centers of America. Midland, TX

The idea that every addict or alcoholic must reach "rock bottom" before he is ready to get help is a myth. Believing in that myth keeps everyone anxiously for a crisis to occur that may force the whole family to hit "rock bottom." Interventions work. Interventions help the family to reach through the addiction and, with love and respect, help their loved one choose recovery. If you have a friend or family member who is losing the battle with addiction, don't wait for a crisis to occur.


Meet Ellen Plaze

Ellen Plaze is a graduate of Boston University and has over 30 years of experience working with addictions. She was among the first group of counselors certified in addictions work and began doing interventions in 1987 following training with the Johnson Institute. She has been a national speaker on Intervention and addiction. She has trained professional groups, including Lawyer's Assistance Professionals on Intervention, and earned a national reputation for her efficacy, high ethical standards and her compassion.

Ellen has had a lifelong passion and commitment to addicts, alcoholics and their families. She learned early on that loved ones did not have to wait for someone to "hit bottom," but can learn how to lovingly affect change. Her mission is to educate individuals to understand that, "When it is too late for prevention, it is time for Intervention."

Shame and fear often prevent loved ones and addicts from seeking help. Ellen can provide the education, caring and direction to help individuals understand that addiction is a disease and help is available.

Ellen works with all age groups but has a soft spot for working with women and their children. It is often said that if you want to know what is going on in a family, ask the youngest child. Ellen had wonderful guidance early in her career from Jerry Moe of the Betty Ford Children's Program, and he supported her intervention work including children. 

Ellen will provide you with warmth, caring and a safe environment to help you and your family or colleagues take the next step. Her national treatment experience will help you find the most appropriate treatment placement for your individual, based on their specific needs. She will also help you find the support you need post-intervention.

It takes courage to make that first call. Please know that Ellen is happy to talk with you at any time.


Meet Clay Watkins MS, LPC

Clay is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and clinical interventionist. He is credentialed as a mediator in the state of Texas as well as a Certified Family/Parent Facilitator. Clay received both his Bachelor’s and Master's degrees from Baylor University. He went on to complete training in advanced family mediation through programs at Baylor Law School and accredited professional training institutes.

Clay is a husband, father and grandfather. Together he and his wife have blended their families and are raising his teenage daughter. They share a tremendous love for family, the outdoors and their exotic pets.

Clay is highly equipped to help your family and loved ones navigate the anxiety and pain you may be feeling and reestablish hope, love and dignity through the process of clinical intervention. Personal experience working with family in the most critical moment of a crisis and the desire to work with others to bring recovery and balance is what brought him full time into clinical intervention work. He will be present to guide you through the intervention process and help resolve the questions and concerns that become a distraction from your own healing.

Clay's career has equipped him uniquely through extensive experiences. Additionally, he has developed close working relationships with treatment programs with the highest level of care in addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis psychiatric needs.

• 20+ years in the field of psychology and substance abuse
• Adolescent, adult and senior adult work - acute care psychiatric hospital
• 15+ years in private practice focused primarily on licensed healthcare professionals, executives/administrators, attorneys and college students
• crisis intervention, mediation, corporate interventions and counseling services
• In 2002 started, developed and expanded the employee assistance program (EAP) for healthcare networks and manufacturing facilities in Central Texas
• Worked for a nationally known, accredited Substance Abuse/Dual Diagnosis long term treatment facility
      • developed network of resources, facilitated full admission process and intake
      • expanded the outpatient services into new markets and facilitated direct patient care



• Licensed Professional Counselor - Texas State Board of Examiners (License # 64200)
• Credentialed Mediator - State of Texas
• Certified Family and Parent Facilitator - State of Texas
• Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Baylor University - Waco, Texas
• Master's of Science in Education, Psychology, Baylor University - Waco, TX
• Member NAADAC - National Association of Addiction Professionals
• Member TAAP - Texas Association of Addiction Professionals
• Member TAM - Texas Association of Mediators

To speak directly with Clay, and begin taking the steps to healing and recovery for your loved one,
please call: 254-405-5088 or email Clay at claywatkinslpc@icloud.com.


To talk privately & confidentially with an intervention professional, call 1-800-805-0499
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