Something must be done, but what?

Perhaps you have tried talking to the person and been rebuffed. Or, you may have pleaded, begged and even threatened to leave him or her, or to fire a key employee, but to no avail. The pattern of destruction has continued despite ever-increasing problems and consequences. At this point, the person is probably unable to stop drinking or using, or may possibly stop for a brief period, followed by further serious episodes. They have lost the ability to see reality, think logically and grasp the concerns of those that care about them. Likely, they are past the point of being able to see and understand what is happening to them and to others. Professional help is needed.
During the Intervention, each person will tell of factual events that have occurred involving the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, events that have caused serious problems. This united confrontation works to break down the denial that is so often present in alcoholism and addiction. The person will also hear that everyone present at the intervention cares very much about them and wants them to get professional help. Professional help will be prearranged and, if at all possible, will begin the same day. In many cases, this means that the person will be admitted to a treatment program the verysame day. The role of the Interventionist is to facilitate this process.

Planning & Preparation

An intervention is a loving and respectful, yet firm and organized, presentation of compelling facts by family members, friends, colleagues and others who have personally seen a clear and destructive downward spiral caused by alcohol and/or drugs in a person they care about. These persons have decided they can no longer accept and stand idly by while the person they care about destroys his or her life. The goal of an intervention is to have the person agree to accept professional help for an alcohol and/or drug problem.

To talk privately & confidentially with an intervention professional, call 1-800-805-0499
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